Glenn Boyd Ph.D., LPC, LMFT


Practice Philosophy

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10701 Corporate Dr., Suite 220
Stafford, TX 77477
Contact number: 832-472-3566

The word collaborative best describes my style. I believe people possess strengths and resources they sometimes forget they have. If a therapist believes that people can be creative and that together we can construct some new ideas and some new approaches, then change is inevitable. I have a solution focus rather than a problem focus, unless a client prefers to start with a problem focus. I like to laugh and enjoy the conversations I have with clients, even when the topic might be serious and heavy.

Collaborative is the key word for me. It enhances all the other theories and models one learns in professional training programs. Conversation is a key word for me as well. Therapy can be both effective and conversational. I value curiosity and respect. Special factors include: openness to learning from clients, hospitality, an emphasis on experimenting with change, and faith in the inevitability of transformation.